Sweden’s Chambers of commerce consist of eleven regional Chambers of commerce located around the country that work to create a business-friendly environment. The Chamber of commerce network is a force to be reckoned with in questions relating to economic growth, both nationally and internationally.

Sweden’s Chambers of commerce primarily promote infrastructure projects in which Sweden’s Chambers of commerce wishes to see more interaction between the state and private enterprise. Other issues that we are concerned with are: energy policies, the supply of talent and raising the level of service provided to corporations by municipalities.

Internationally, Sweden’s Chambers of commerce are part of a network consisting of 12 000 chambers of commerce worldwide with over 50 000 000 businesses as members. There are almost 50 Swedish chambers of commerce abroad and 30 foreign chambers of commerce in Sweden. In Europe there are 2 000 regional chambers of commerce and in the United States there are 7 800 regional chambers of commerce. All chambers promote entrepreneurship, private enterprise, are important meeting places and enable crucial business contacts.

We also attempt to affect EU legislation as well as issues pertaining to international trade through our European organization Eurochambers.