ATA-carnet is an international customs form that saves you time and money. The form is valid in roughly seventy countries and allows the holder to temporarily import and export goods in countries outside the European Union without depositing customs, VAT and other fees.

Source code deposition

To deposit the source code of software with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce insures your company against the financial and temporal loss that may follow if the owner enters bankruptcy, or stops maintaining the software.


Our arbitration institute offers professional dispute resolution between commercial actors. There are two methods for resolving a dispute without settlement or mediation, the options is either a court process or arbitration.


Are you looking for someone who can give you an impartial appraisal? If so, the Chambers of Commerce can help by connecting you to various inspectors and valuators. Some chambers of commerce may commission inspectors and valuators.

Import guidelines

You will have access to several import guidelines. With the help of those handbooks you will be guided through the most important issues pertaining to importation. The import handbooks were created with the intention of helping those who wish to create an import business, increase their importation or just have general questions.

Business travel

The Chambers of Commerce arranges several trips to multiple countries each year. These trips constitute a unique opportunity for your company to make new, valuable connections. For example, you might find a new supplier, business partner or importer.